Revenue Potential

This very much depends on how successful you are with your sales. Basically you make revenues from Ticket Sales, also the 14 Acts then all have to raise individual sponsorships of at least €350 each (and who knows – we previously had an individual at one event raising over €7,000 alone).

You could offer a prize for the top fundraising contestant as well as the overall winner on the night, therefore rewarding the hardest working individuals. Finally, revenue can also be generated by attracting some larger businesses to become the Main Sponsor of the event or even advertising in the Souvenir Booklet which will contain the profiles of each act.


An example of how much can be raised through our ‘Stars for the Night’ Package is shown below:

* Based on 250 Tickets Sales

250 Ticket Sales (Minimum) @ €20 each €5,000
14 Acts Raise Sponsorship @ €350 each €4,900
1 Main Event Sponsor @ €1,000 €1,000
14 Adverts within Booklet @ €100 each €1,400

Total Revenue: €12,300
Less: Cost of Event Production €4,950
Total Profit: €7,350

* The above figures are general estimates. These figures can be increased depending on how much the fundraiser will charge for the tickets and how successful the acts are at generating revenue.